A Brief Introduction to Flos

Flos is a global benchmark in the lighting design world. The company was founded in Italy in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, and today it is one of the most respected and innovative brands in the field. Flos’s success is based on a constant commitment to research and innovation, as well as the ability to create unique and iconic designs.

The Birth of Flos 30

In 1992, Flos celebrated its 30th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, the company launched Flos 30, a limited edition collection of lighting products created by some of the world’s most renowned designers. The idea behind Flos 30 was to push the boundaries of lighting design and to create pieces that were not only functional but also works of art.

The Designers behind Flos 30

The designers chosen to create the Flos 30 collection were some of the biggest names in the field. Among them were Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jasper Morrison, and Achille Castiglioni, the co-founder of Flos. Each designer was given complete creative freedom to create a piece that reflected their vision of the future of lighting.

Philippe Starck

One of the most iconic pieces in the Flos 30 collection is the Gun Lamp designed by Philippe Starck. The lamp is made from die-cast aluminum, and its shape is reminiscent of a handgun. The Gun Lamp caused some controversy when it was first released, with some people criticizing its association with violence. However, Starck defended the design, saying that it was a symbol of power, not violence.

Antonio Citterio

Another standout piece in the Flos 30 collection is the Kelvin LED Desk Lamp designed by Antonio Citterio. The lamp’s sleek and minimalist design makes it a perfect fit for any modern workspace. The Kelvin LED Desk Lamp features an adjustable arm and head, allowing users to direct the light where it is needed most. The lamp’s LED technology also makes it an energy-efficient choice.

Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison’s contribution to the Flos 30 collection was the Glo-Ball Lamp, a spherical lamp made from hand-blown opaline glass. The Glo-Ball Lamp has a simple and elegant design that makes it a versatile piece that can be used in a variety of contexts. The lamp’s soft, diffused light creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Achille Castiglioni

Achille Castiglioni, one of the co-founders of Flos, designed the Arco Lamp, which has become one of the most iconic lamps in the Flos collection. The Arco Lamp features a curved steel arm that extends over a living space, providing light without the need for a ceiling fixture. The Arco Lamp’s marble base also adds to its iconic design.

The Legacy of Flos 30

Flos 30 was a bold and innovative collection that pushed the boundaries of lighting design. The pieces created for Flos 30 continue to be bestsellers today, and their timeless designs ensure that they will never go out of style. The legacy of Flos 30 lives on in the innovative designs that Flos continues to produce today.

Flos has been at the forefront of lighting design for almost six decades, and the Flos 30 collection was a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and creativity. The designs created for Flos 30 continue to be celebrated today, with many of them becoming iconic pieces in the world of design. Flos 30 was a true milestone in the history of lighting design, and it will always hold a special place in the hearts of design lovers around the world.

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